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G.O.Ms. No.13


Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Courses

(Amendment to Guidelines issued in G.O.Ms.No.13 Health dated 5.1.1993)

(1) Existing Guidelines
Paragraph 4 of G.O./ Annexure

An endowment of Rs.20 lakhs (Rupees twenty lakhs only ) should be provided by registration in the joint name of the Trust /Private Management and pledged in favour of the Director of Medical Education, Tamil Nadu (in his / her official capacity) This amount should be deposited in a Nationalised Bank. The amount can be paid in lumpsum as follows.

I Year I instalment Rs.10 lakhs
II Year II instalment Rs.10 lakhs


In Para 4 in the Annexure to the G.O. the following additional conditions shall be added.

"The above Government Endowment fund should be created only from the Nationalised bank / Government undertakings at least for a period of minimum 5 years. If the above condition is not fulfilled the Government is empowered to cancel the Government permission order already issued for the course."

(2) Existing Guidelines
Paragraph 7 of the G.O.Annexure

In regard to provision of land 15,000 sq.ft. extent should be provided by the private managements.


Class Room 20 x 20 3 Nos
Seminar / Clinic Room / Conference Room 40 x 40 1 No.
Exercise Therapy Room (with articles) 40 x 60 1 No.
Electrotherapy Room (with articles) 40 x 60 1 No.
Hydrotherapy Room 40 x 40 1 No.
Walking School to train the patients fitted with calipers and artificial limbs 40 x 40 1 No.


In para 7 in the Annexure to the G.O. the following additional conditions shall be added.

The above physical facilities of class room etc., comprising 15000 sq. feet building should be situated in a land area as detailed below :

The building facilities should be provided in the Land measuring :

3 acres in Corporation Area

5 acres in Municipal Area

7 acres in other Area.

Provision of such land and building should be in the name of trust / Society with absolute possession (applicant). The buildings should have been approved by local authorities . No rental agreement of land and building is permitted. However long lease can be permitted for which lease deed and building Plan duly approved by the Local Authorities Concerned must be obtained and produced.

(3) Existing Guidelines
Para 8 of the G.O./Annexure

The new private colleges so established will be under the academic control of the Director of Medical Education. Periodical review and a system of inspection as means of quality control will be made by the Director of Medical Education.

All the recommendations of the Director of Medical Education should be carried out immediately otherwise the Government may be compelled to stop the functioning of the Institution.


In para 8 in the Annexure to G.O. the following paragraph shall be be substituted instead of existing one.

"The institution so permitted to conduct the BPT/BOT course would be under the control of DME and periodical inspection will be conducted by the DDME (Hospitals and Dispensaries) along with the specialist of the concerned course. The Administrative fee/Inspection fee as detailed below is payable by the trust to the Government account.

The Adminisrtative fee/Inspection fee of Rs.5000/- is payable by all institutions permitted by the Government to conduct BPT/BOT courses. The administrative fee/Inspection fee should be paid one time only.

(4) Existing Guidelines
Para 9 of the G.O. /Annexure

No Increase in seats over and above the permitted strength should be made without prior approval of the Government and Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University. Every time any increase in seats is contemplated, the Government should be intimated at least six months in advance.


The existing condition in paragraph 9 in the Annexure to G.O.shall be deleted.

Para 9 in the Annexure to the totally deleted , since there is a ban orders for increase of seats in G.O.Ms.No. 610 Health dated:13.11.98.

(5) Existing Guidelines
Para 11 of the G.O./Annexure

The Government also stipulate that if the conditions are not fulfilled by the Private Managements so permitted, the permission granted is liable to be withdrawn at any time and the Government will have the right to take over the college at any time, with all its immovable and movable properties including endowment and cash balances without paying any compensation.


In para 11 in the Annexure to the G.O. the following conditions shall be added:

The Government is empowered to meet justifiable payment to the students from the endowment created due to reason of non compliance of rules and regulations of the Government by the trust or due to the circumstances leading to the closure of institution for the reasons of failure to comply government instructions by the trust.

(6) Existing Guidelines
Para 14 of the G.O./Annexure

The College should have its own arrangements or tie up with major private medical institutions as per the requirements of Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University for clinical training of its students.


In para 14 in the Annexure to G.O. the following additional conditions shall be added instead of existing one :

" the private Organisation / Society which applies for permission to start BPT/BOT course must provide 150 beds own Hospital with all specialties required for the course for clinical training of their students as per requirements of Tamil Nadu .Dr.MGR. Medical University . Out of 150 beds in the above Hospital 50 beds must be provided for poor patients . However the same 150 beds own hospital is permitted to be utilised for other courses run by the same institution in the same area. But, the same bed facilities will not be permitted to be utilised by another trust's institution. i.e attachment of hospital may be allowed but the same hospital should not be shown by any other institution.

(7) Existing Guidelines
Para 30 of the G.O./Annexure



The following paragraph shall be added as paragraph No.30 in the Annexure to G.O.

30. The institute so permitted to conduct the course will be allowed to shift/change of study center only after completion of four and half years from the date of actual commencement of the course by the 1st batch of the student. If the same trust applies for different para medical courses they should provide all physical facilities for each course separately without overlapping.

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